Banksia pods originate from Southwestern Australia. These pods are commonly compared to pine cones, but Banksia pods do not grow on conifers. They grow on deciduous trees and bushes. There are many Banksia species, but typically only the pods from bull Banksia are large enough and solid enough to be used for woodturning and jewelry-making. The holes contained the seeds (mostly gone by the time these pods are processed to keep agricultural bugs from spreading), and the small dots are where the flowers bloomed from the pod each spring while still on the tree/bush (See pictures for one with flowering pods on the trees). Beneath the hard outer covering (shell) of the pod, there is a reddish, rusty-colored fuzzy layer which will often remain after the pod is turned on the lathe. 


We love to say that everything we sell is something we make, but we are not metal workers, we are woodworkers! So this left us in a bit of a predicament, we needed someone to make the stainless steel part of our bottle stopper for us. So the search began to find a Canadian machinist that will craft the metal components of our bottle stoppers. After much searching, and a number of trials we finally found what we believe are not only the highest quality stoppers on the market, but also ones that are manufactured in Canada! ​

Crafted from the highest quality #304 Stainless Steel and unique and hard to find woods, these bottle stoppers make an amazing gift for those hard to shop for people in your life!

Each bottle stopper is finished with our beeswax bowl finish and is then buffed to a shine.



Please contact me if you would like a different style/wood combination that are shown in the photo, we are more that happy to make a specific combination for you!

Dimensions (approximate dimensions) :


W - 1" to 2"
H - 2" to 3 1/2"

Banksia Pod Bottle Stopper