Curly Maple is one of the most spectacular woods around. The way that the light shimmers off of the patterning in the wood give it a 3d look that is unlike anything else! But the downside to curly maple is the price! With it being 3, 4 or even 5 times more expensive than standard maple you find a way to use every last piece! I saved every little offcut from a previous project and I figured that these little stationery holders would be a great use and allow everyone to be able to have a piece of gorgeous curly maple in their home! This 5 pen holder has room for most standard pens/pencils and a number of business cards. The slot can also be used with most smartphones without a case, providing a great desk spot for your mobile phone!



6" long

3.5" wide

1 1/4" thick 

1/2" wide slot 

Curly Maple Stationery Holder