Dogwood has been one of the woods I have most wanted to work with. Unfortunately dogwood is just not a common tree to be cut down. Partly this is due to its beauty, and in part also due to its protection in many cities because it is British Columbia's provincial flower! But every once and a while a tree gets trimmed and a large branch makes it to our workshop! And let me saw dogwood is one of the strangest woods I have had the chance to work with, its very dense, extremely brittle, and a wonderful pink color! In fact this density, brittleness and toughness were why this tree was used to make daggers many centuries ago in England. The name dogwood is believed to be derived from the old English word Dagwood!


We harvested this tree from Cobble Hill British Columbia over a year ago, milled the tree and dried it in our kilns. After we let the piece reacclimate to our local climate from the kiln drying process we shape the handles, flatten both sides and remove the bark. We then carefully sand it with progressively finer grits until a silky smooth finish is achieved. Finally we coat the whole board with a wax and oil mixture, let that dry and buff to a soft sheen.


Dimensions (approximate):

Length: 24.5"

Width: 7.5"

Height: 0.75"


Dogwood Charcuterie Board