Our bottle stoppers are crafted with unique, rare and one of a kind woods from all around the world! This Christmas we are offering teo very unique one of a kind woods from Austrialia!


The red and orange wood with the live edge top is a unique desert tree from western Australia called a red Mallee. This variety of the ecalytpus tree grows in the flat sandy and gravel areas of western australia and is harvested for its unique and stunning color! A one of a kind piece and is sure to be a center of attention at your next party!


The bottle stopper with the deep brown and green is produced from the extremely unique Grass Rree Root. This plant is actually more similar to a grass or palm than it is to any type of tree! It is extremely slow growing and is usually found in the northn regions of Australia. These have a stunning color with a unique pebbles texture on the end grain. 


We love to say that everything we sell is something we make, but we are not metal workers, we are woodworkers! So this left us in a bit of a predicament, we needed someone to make the stainless steel part of our bottle stopper for us. So the search began to find a Canadian machinist that will craft the metal components of our bottle stoppers. After much searching, and a number of trials we finally found what we believe are not only the highest quality stoppers on the market, but also ones that are manufactured in Canada! ​

Crafted from the highest quality #304 Stainless Steel and unique and hard to find woods, these bottle stoppers make an amazing gift for those hard to shop for people in your life!

Each bottle stopper is finished with our beeswax bowl finish and is then buffed to a shine.



Please contact me if you would like a different style/wood combination that are shown in the photo, we are more that happy to make a specific combination for you!

Dimensions (approximate dimensions) :


W - 1" to 2"
H - 2" to 3 1/2"

Exotic Wood Bottle Stopper