Fish Club - Fish Bat - Fish Bonker 

Handcrafted from old growth, locally grown, straight grain Douglas fir. Douglas fir in one of the most desirable woods for furniture and trim work due to its smooth and even grain, with dense grain lines. 


All woods have been carefully selected, milled and dried to ensure that these bonkers will last for many generations. Each piece is turned one at a time, and then sanded smooth to bring out the natural grain pattern. Finally they are rubbed with our own handcrafted beeswax bowl polish, then buffed to a fine sheen.

NOTE: The fish bonker shown is an example of the handmade bat you will receive. Yours will be crafted from the same species of beautiful wood, in the same style. Being that we are a small team, we do not have the resources to photograph every item that leaves our shop! However, I will send you a quick photo of the bonker that is made for you so that you can see your beautiful bat before it ships!

Dimensions (approximate dimensions) :

W - 15" or 18"

H - 1 1/2" to 2"

Handmade Douglas Fir Fish Club