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This Unique coffee table has been a work in progress for nearly 1 year! We intially started this project for a gallery installation but quickly realized that it was going to be a much more in depth project than intended! From the epoxy inlay with local river rocks that were tabken from a river nearby to where the tree was from, to the ultra unique steel table base, its sure to be a stunning addition to any living space!


As with all out productst the process of making furniture is long and complex, with many hours of work going into the design, creation and finishing of this piece. We selected this particular slab from a batch of extremely figured burl material, in fact we were not even sure if we could make a table out of this due to the extreme figure and patterns and funky shape! But what proved to be the most challenging is the table base, with the array of legs it was nearly impossible to weld and form into the shape we wanted. But through all this we managed to get a one of a kind piece that is sure to bring a conversation to any occasion!


This table is finished with a conversion varnish spray lacquer for the table top, the base is coated with a textured black powdercoat.


Dimensions (approximate dimensions) :

44.5" Long

25" Wide

18" Tall

Live Edge Maple Burl Coffee Table