Last year we went on a quest to find a better way to may a serving tray and we think we have found it! Rather than crafting the tray from many smaller pieces and glueing them together, we wanted to make it with as few parts as possible! This tray has been crafted from just three parts, two ends and the center tray. We carve the center of the tray from one piece, ensuring that the piece will remain strong for many decades. We then craft the two ends and laminate them to contrast the lighter center wood! For this board we choose our very beautiful local western maple and the equally beautiful claro walnut from oregon. 


We Handcraft each and every board with the most breathtaking solid maple and black walnut. Each and every board is completely unique, no two boards are the same and therefor upon ordering I will contact you to discuss the slab in which we will carve your one of a kind board. From there it is approximately 2-3 weeks for the board to be made. Once a piece is selected, any cracks or gaps are filled with black epoxy to seal the wood and prevent food from getting into any crevasses. At this point the board is hand planed and sanded to a smooth finish. A food safe oil/beeswax topcoat rubbed and buffed to a soft sheen. Just wipe with a damp cloth after use and dry, do not soak in water or use dishwasher to clean.


Dimensions (approximate dimensions) :

Width- 12"

Length - 20.75"

Height - 3"

Lip height - 1 1/8"

Maple and Black Walnut Tray