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About a year ago I was watching a Instagram video and I saw a person using a curved wooden knife to work with their pastry and bread dough, I thought this was a great idea and went on the hunt for one for myself. But after much searching, I was unable to find one like it! So, like many of my problems I decided to make one myself! After playing around with a few different styles I found that this curved style is by far my favorite and makes it a handle little tool for rough cutting dough down to size when portioning or scraping down a surface.


The dough knives are made with solid western maple, giving it a nice heft while still being maneuverable. Each one also comes out a bit different in color and pattern due to the natural variation in the wood. Finished with beeswax and food safe oil.



L - 14"

W - 2.75"

H - 0.5"

Maple Dough Knife

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