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This wonderful butcher block is crafted from solid Black Walnut. Black walnut is one of our favorite woods to work with becuase of its dark, rich color that makes it distinct among the domestic hardwoods. The grain on our walnut is very tight, making it an excellent wood for end grain butcher blocks. Walnut also has the added benefit of being extremely rot resistant. All this adds up to a board that will last a lifetime!


We make each and every one of these boards to order and we include you the whole way, please note since these are made to order they will not ship right away, we will update you as the board is created! To start we select various slabs of walnut, These tend to be large live edge slabs that have been milled and dried either in house or by local companies. Once a slab is selected we layout what sections will be used for other products and what sections are ideal for the production of butcher blocks. These sections are then cut out and run first through a jointer to flatten one side and one edge and then sent through a planer and table saw to square off the ends. We then stack the board in a pattern that suits the wood and glue them together on edge using a waterproof food safe glue. After 2 days we then flatten the glued up board and then slice it into small cross sections that are then restacked and glued together so the grain is facing up. This is where the fun begins! We then use a hand plane and a series of sandpapers to finish the surface to a point where the grain starts to become smooth and silky! We then coat with several layers of oils and waxes. After two more days the finish is dry and we can buff the board to a soft sheen! We then pack it up and get it ready to be shipped to its forever home in your kitchen! Just wipe with a damp cloth after use and dry, do not soak in water or use dishwasher to clean.


Dimensions (approximate dimensions) :

Width - 13.5" to 14.5"

Thickness - 2.25"

Round Walnut Butcher Block

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