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Recently I was given the challenge by a long-term client of ours to build a Scandinavian Christmas tree. I was given a single reference photo and asked what I can make! Well I always like a challenge!


Now this might look like a simple wooden tree, but I can tell you that this tree is anything but simple! With so many little parts that need to be cut, drilled, sanded, cut again, sanded again, finished and then assembled, there were certainly times that I questioned what I got myself into! But I think that the results speak for themself!


White oak was chosen to give to give the tree a sense of heft due to white oaks weight, and the color of white oak fits with just about any decor. The design allows for all the parts to be disassembled and packed away when not in use! Definitely a benefit when you have limited storage space. It is finished with a hand buffed beeswax finish.



H - 32"

W - 12"


White Oak Scandinavian Christmas Tree