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For nearly 4 years people have asked us to make wooden spoons and spatulas, and for just as many years we have pushed it off because we couldn't find the right shape. But after much trial and error we have found the perfect balance of form and function with our razor spatula! The razor spatula design tapers down to a very fine tip (about 1/16") allowing you to safely scrape the bottom of pots, stir, and break up food in the pan, the perfect multiuse kitchen tool!


Our razor spatulas are crafted from a solid piece of white oak, why white oak you might ask? Well white oak is durable, water resistant, rot proof and and all around tought wood that is trouble free for many years. This is why many wine barrels and wooden ship hulls are made of it. 


We craft every single spatula by hand, first selection defect free slabs and milling the wood to a rough shape that we can then take to our industrial belt grinder and remove all the edges and formt he handle. We then form the taper, tapering the spatula from the end of the handle all the way to the tip, ending in a edge that is about 1/16" of an inch thick. From there wer hand sand every single spatula, coat in a heavy layer of foodsafe oila nd wax and buff to a soft shine.



Dimensions (approximate dimensions) :

12-14" long 

1 1/2 - 2" wide

3/8" thick

White oak wooden spatula - Razor style

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