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Windfall Hemlock Security Screen Door System

Taking inspiration from European and Australian security screen doors we are working towards a integrated front door and screen door system that allows you to safely lock your front door while maintaining airflow through your house.

Using a hardened stainless steel mesh as the screen door, large bugs are kept out of the house, while providing a cut proof lockable door. Paired with a unique double jamb system that can seamlessly integrate into existing framing standards. 


Wire Brushed Redwood Coffee table

Texture, texture, texture, that is what separates Redwood from almost any other species of softwood that grows on the west coast of North America.

Using a variety of techniques including nylon, steel, and natural abrasives, the full grain structure of redwood is exposed. Wire brushing not only provides texture but also function, hiding wear and tear in high traffic situations and allowing for continued maintenance to provide years of functional use. 

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